I’ve noticed a disconcerting trend in my incoming search logs recently. More and more people are inexplicably arriving at this website via Google searches looking for information on “how to make a lebert equalizer“,  and various variations of that search phrase (not to mention countless other searches for information on how to build various other pieces of exercise equipment).

I have no idea why Google is sending those cheap bastards to my website, because this website is the last place anyone should look for info on how to build your own exercise equipment. I’ve never built a single piece of home-made exercise equipment, I have no goddamn clue how to make home-made exercise equipment, and I have no goddman interest in learning how to MacGyver up a shitty dip station using garbage from the local dump just to save a few bucks over buying an actual Lebert Equalizer.

The closest I’ll ever get to home-made exercise equipment is taking a trip to Home Depot (the first time in my life I’ve ever been to Home Depot) to buy a wooden dowel to use with continuous loop resistance bands for rotational training. And even doing that made me feel cheap and dirty.

So for the record, I have no goddamn clue how to make a Lebert Equalizer, or any other home-made exercise equipment. If you’re looking for that type of info and Google sent you here, you couldn’t possibly be in more of a wrong place. Hit the back button on your browser and keep digging though the rest of the Google search results. Good luck finding the info that you’re looking for.