TRX Suspension Trainer Alternatives

If you’re looking for alternatives to the TRX Suspension Trainer, then you’ve come to the right place because I’m going to tell you about every half-decent suspension system currently available, and I’ll offer you a variety of suggestions depending on why you want an alternative to the TRX, and what types of features you’re looking for out of a suspension system.

Note: this article is constantly updated with the newest information so you can be confident that all of the info on this page is current within the past month or so, and you won’t find any mention of discontinued or obsolete products.

Before We Get To The TRX Alternatives

I’ll get to the suggestions for TRX alternatives in a moment (just scroll past this section if you’re impatient and/or aren’t interested in my advice on why you should spend the money on an authentic TRX), but first I really want to emphasize to you that the TRX Suspension Trainer is absolutely the best suspension system on the market by a country mile — no other products even come close. The TRX may be quite a bit more expensive than all the various knock-offs and other alternatives, but that’s because it really is leaps and bounds better in quality, functionality, programming, and support, compared to all the other alternatives.

The TRX is worth the money because it is the easiest product to set up and adjust (other products range from being a nuisance to a royal pain in the ass to set up and adjust). The TRX features a patented single-anchor design that offers controlled instability, which will give you a more effective workout that better targets your core (other products use clumsy and less effective designs in order to get around the TRX patent). TRX created Suspension Training® (trademarked by TRX), so they are the number one source for the best suspension training workouts and programming (other products come with zero programming and expect you to figure out what to do with them). The list goes on and on. In every aspect, a genuine TRX is vastly superior and worth every penny compared to the cheap alternatives. So my advice is to stop your search now and just get a TRX Suspension Trainer.

If You’re Still Determined To Find A TRX Alternative

If you don’t want to heed my warnings about the cheap and inferior TRX alternatives, and you still want to go with a non-TRX suspension system, then this is the section of the article where I’m going to list all of the best options that are available to you. I’ve specifically excluded the worst of the worst products from this list. Lots of products out there are so bad that they’re not even worth mentioning. Some of the products in this list are cheap crap, and all of them are vastly inferior to the TRX, but at least they’re worth mentioning to you if you’re determined not to buy a TRX.

Jungle Gym XT (Dual-Anchor)

For years, the Jungle Gym XT was the option people chose when they wanted to be able to do dips with their suspension straps. That changed when TRX released their own dual-anchor suspension system (called the TRX Duo Trainer), and now their is little reason to buy a Jungle Gym XT. It’s decidedly inferior to the TRX Suspension Trainer when it comes to overall suspension training, and it’s inferior to the TRX Duo Trainer when it comes to gymnastic ring style training (the Duo Trainer is much easier to set up and adjust, and comes with far better and more comprehensive programming). With that being said, for years the Jungle Gym XT has been the main alternative to the TRX, so if you’re looking for an alternative, start there.

GoFit Gravity Straps (Doorway Only)

Another dual-anchor suspension system that you might want to check out is the GoFit Gravity Straps, if for no other reason than the pure comedy gold that is the Bob Harper workout DVD that comes bundled with the straps. Bob clearly has no clue whatsoever about suspension training (honestly, not even the slightest idea at all), and the entire DVD is actually pretty hilarious because of that (disclaimer: don’t do the workout, just watch and laugh).

CrossCore (Rotation)

The CrossCore uses a pulley to allow rotation, making it a fundamentally different product than the TRX Suspension Trainer, which allows for controlled instability, but not full-blown circus pulley training. But if you want a circus pulley, get a CrossCore. Just note that the CrossCore is $250-$300, which would buy you a top of the line TRX Pro or TRX Tactical Gym, and a TRX Xmount. That’s what I’d buy if I was spending $250-$300 on a suspension system.

Human Trainer (Clips Instead Of Cam Buckles)

The Human Trainer is another dual-anchor suspension system worth mentioning here. Instead of cam buckles like the Jungle Gym XT uses, The Human Trainer uses clips at various lengths of the straps. I personally don’t think it’s any better, or worse, than the Jungle Gym XT. Just different. You can do the same exercises, including dips, on both systems. The Human Trainer is nearly twice as expensive as the Jungle Gym XT, and I can’t think of any reason to spend the extra money, so I’d go with the Jungle Gym XT (or better yet the TRX Duo Trainer) if you want a dual-anchor system.