AmazonBasics Resistance Bands Review

AmazonBasics resistance bands are flat continuously looped elastic resistance bands (available in tensions ranging from 10 to 175 lb) that allow you to perform hundreds of functional resistance training exercises and metabolic conditioning drills. Resistance bands are a phenomenal choice for home exercise because they’re inexpensive, they don’t take up a lot of space, and they’re highly versatile as they can used to perform all of the same types of exercises that can be done at the gym using free weights and machines, plus countless other great movements that are unique to band training.

AmazonBasics Resistance Bands 1

AmazonBasics resistance bands are available in five sizes/tensions:

  • Red: 10-35 lb
  • Black: 30-60 lb
  • Purple: 40-80 lb
  • Green: 50-125 lb
  • Blue: 65-175 lb

I’ve owned two green bands and one blue band for the past couple of years, and for the purposes of this review, I purchased two each of the red, black, and purple bands (plus an additional blue band just to even out my set).

What’s Included

As a budget product being offered at an extremely low price point, the bands unsurprisingly came in very barebones packaging with no instructions or any other information on how to safely and effectively exercise with resistance bands. That shouldn’t be a problem for most people, but it’s just something to keep in mind if you’re planning on buying some of these bands, and you have no idea how to use them, and you’re expecting that bands to some kind instruction manual to get you started.

Design & Build Quality

Continuously looped resistance bands are such a simple design that there’s very little to specifically go over when reviewing one particular brand, or comparing brands. When it comes to things like length, shape, and thicknesses/tensions available, there is nothing unique from one brand of resistance bands to the next. The only feature that you want to look for is that the bands are layered, as opposed to molded, because layered bands are significantly more durable than molded bands.

AmazonBasics Resistance Bands 2

AmazonBasics bands are molded, which means they’re stiffer and less durable than layered resistance bands. AmazonBasics bands are also significantly less expensive than the higher quality layered bands offered by various companies, so it’s entirely possible that the substantial cost savings is worth the downsides, particularly if you don’t plan on using your bands very often.

AmazonBasics Resistance Bands 3

For what it’s worth, I haven’t noticed any problem with the durability of these bands, but I’ve absolutely found that my molded AmazonBasics bands are noticeably stiffer than the layered bands that I own. At first, I thought that it was just because the AmazonBasics bands were new, and that they needed to be “broken in”, but after using some of them for more than two years, it’s obvious that the stiffness problem is just a negative of the manufacturing process that Amazon uses to make their bands.

Versatility & Value

Resistance bands are without question the least expensive tool that you can use to perform total-body resistance training workouts at home, or anywhere else you feel like working out. Other tools exist that are equally as versatile as resistance bands (e.g. free weights), but those tools will cost you anywhere from several hundred to several thousand dollars. A complete set of AmazonBasics resistance bands can be purchased for $35 to $70, depending on how much tension you need. You will not find any other type of exercise equipment that offers so much versatility for so little cost.

AmazonBasics Resistance Bands 4


AmazonBasics resistance bands are without a doubt the least expensive option available for getting started with band training, so if you’re just looking for a very budget set of bands that will get the job done, it’s really not necessary to look elsewhere. But if you’re looking for a higher quality set of bands that still won’t break the bank, then my recommendation is Rubberbanditz.

There are countless more alternatives out there, but none worth mentioning here. AmazonBasics has the budget resistance bands market securely locked up, and Rubberbanditz is without question the best choice for people who are looking for premium quality bands. I can’t think of a scenario where would need to bother extending their search beyond those two manufacturers.

Final Thoughts

I specifically purchased AmazonBasics bands in order to find out wether they’re decent enough for me to be able to recommend to people who are interested in getting into band training, but aren’t willing to spend around $100 for a set of Rubberbanditz. The conclusion that I came to is that molded AmazonBasics resistance bands are perfectly fine. Are they as nice as layered Rubberbanditz bands? Of course not, but AmazonBasics are also 25-45% less expensive than Rubberbanditz. For the price, AmazonBasics resistance bands are a fantastic deal, and I have absolutely no hesitation recommending them to budget-constrained people who are looking for the best dirt-cheap set of resistance bands that are still decent quality.

Check out Amazon for more info or to purchase AmazonBasics resistance bands.