MostFit Core Hammer Review

The MostFit Core Hammer is a fitness sledgehammer that uses a round solid urethane head (available in 8 and 12 lb versions) instead of a rectangular steel head like the ones used on construction sledgehammers, resulting in a safer and more comfortable workout that no longer requires you to pick up and make space for a bulky and unsightly old tire.

MostFit Core Hammer 1

What’s Included

The box contained just Core Hammer and nothing else — no information at all on what you’re supposed to do with it. Although it would have been nice if MostFit included some basic instructions and guidelines on the dos and don’ts of using the product safely and effectively, all that info is available on the MostFit YouTube channel, so I didn’t find it to be that big of a deal that they left it out of the box. Here’s an instructional video from MostFit on how to perform the basic overhead swing:

Design & Build Quality

The concept of the MostFit Core Hammer may seem simple — a fitness sledgehammer with a rubber head instead of steel — but MostFit deserves props for coming up with the idea because they’ve made sledgehammer training accessible to average people (i.e. non-hardcore) who wouldn’t even think of exercising with a steel sledgehammer and dirty old tire.

MostFit Core Hammer 2

The head of the Core Hammer is made of a harder, stronger feeling material than I expected. I originally thought it would be a rubbery material that might split and crack after heavy use, but it’s actually made of urethane, which feels extremely durable and still looks brand new after repeated use being pounded on a concrete driveway.

MostFit Core Hammer 3

The urethane head of the Core Hammer also doesn’t feel nearly as bouncy as I was expecting, which I love because I don’t have to worry about my customers swinging the Core Hammer at the ground and having it rebound back at them and hit them in the face. There is a slight amount of rebound when you hit the ground with the Core Hammer, but not so much bounce that it causes me any concern whatsoever that my customers might injure themselves using this product.

MostFit Core Hammer 4

The design and craftsmanship of the Core Hammer looks and feels outstanding. There’s nothing that I would change about the product if I was given the chance. I didn’t find anything at all to nitpick about. It’s a sleek looking product from top to bottom, it feels great in the hands, and it seems bombproof so I’m not remotely worried about durability.

Versatility & Value

If you’re considering purchasing a MostFit Core Hammer, it’s important that you realize that it’s one of the least versatile pieces of exercise equipment you can possibly buy. As far as I’m concerned, the only exercises that the Core Hammer is useful for are the slam and alternating slam. At $200 to $225 (for the 8 lb and 12 lb versions respectively), that’s a fairly hefty price tag for a product that lets you perform two useful exercises.

Yes, MostFit does have quite a few other YouTube videos demonstrating various extremely pointless looking exercises that they claim you can do with the Core Hammer, but it’s obvious that those exercises are a complete and utter waste of time that won’t improve your fitness in any meaningful way, and serve no useful purpose other than attempting to make the Core Hammer look like a more versatile product than it actually is.

With that being said, I still found tremendous value in purchasing the MostFit Core Hammer solely for the two main exercises that I mentioned above (slam and alternating slam). Those two exercises are ridiculously fun and without question burn an insane amount of calories, so I have absolutely no problem dropping $200+ on a conditioning tool that I know is going to help me burn maximum calories while I enjoy the hell out of using it.


MostFit is the only company that I’m aware of that makes a rubber-headed fitness sledgehammer like this, so as far as I know, there are no direct alternatives that I can mention. If you want to do fitness sledgehammer training, and you choose not to pick up a MostFit Core Hammer, that leaves you with one other option: buy a steel-headed sledgehammer from a place like Home Depot, and pick up an old tire from wherever people get old tires from.

Final Thoughts

I purchased a MostFit Core Hammer because I believe that sledgehammer training is one of the most fun and effective methods of conditioning exercise, however no part of me wanted anything to do with putting a dangerous steel construction sledgehammer and ugly old tire in my fitness studio. So when I came across the Core Hammer, I instantly knew that I needed one, and didn’t hesitate to put through an order for the 8 lb model (I eventually plan to purchase the 12 lb model as well).

The Core Hammer has exceeded my expectations when it comes to design, performance, quality, and durability. For some, the $200 to $225 price tag might be too steep for a product that really only does two exercises well, but if you don’t mind spending the money, you’re going to get the best possible tool for sledgehammer fitness training, which is one of the most enjoyable and effective ways to burn calories while functionally strengthening your upper body and exercising your cardiovascular system.

Check out Amazon for more info or to purchase the MostFit Core Hammer.