Rubberbanditz Review

Rubberbanditz are flat continuously looped elastic resistance bands (available in tensions ranging from 5 to 275 lbs) that allow you to perform hundreds of functional resistance training exercises and metabolic conditioning drills. Looped resistance bands can be used for all of the same handle-based exercises that people usually associate with resistance tubing, but where bands really shine is when used to perform athletic movements where the band is attached directly to the body.

Rubberbanditz 1

Rubberbanditz are available in various different kits, but I wanted a specific configuration of bands that wasn’t available as a prepackaged set, so I just bought pairs of the four tensions I wanted (light, medium, heavy, and robust). I also bought two carabiners (so that I can attach handles — that I already owned — to the bands), a door anchor, and a travel bag.

What’s Included

The box contained just the resistance bands and the accessories that I ordered, and didn’t include instructions of any kind, but that’s because I didn’t buy a complete sets that includes the Rubberbanditz exercise manual and tutorial DVD. For anyone who needs some basic instructions and guidelines on the dos and don’ts of exercising safely and effectively with resistance bands, you can buy a complete set that includes both of those items, or purchase them separately.

Also, there’s an extensive exercise library on the manufacturer’s website, and lots of workout videos available on the Rubberbanditz YouTube channel, so there’s plenty of training info is available online if you need it.

Design & Build Quality

Continuously looped resistance bands are such a simple design that there’s very little to specifically go over when reviewing one particular brand, or comparing brands. When it comes to things like length, shape, and thicknesses/tensions available, there is nothing unique from one brand of resistance bands to the next. The only feature that you want to look for is that the bands are layered, as opposed to molded, because layered bands are significantly more durable than molded bands. Rubberbanditz are layered, so that’s a huge benefit, and not something you’ll find with the cheap no-name brands available on places like Amazon.

Rubberbanditz 2

One other area where Rubberbanditz design stands out is with the accessories. The door anchor is the best resistance band door anchor on the market, and Rubberbanditz offers all the other useful add-ons such as handles, carabiners, ankle straps, and a travel bag. They even sell a hand strap that works like a handle except instead of being a ridged handle that clips onto the band, it’s a soft material that wraps around the band and is velcroed in place. It’s a clever design that I haven’t seen anywhere else.

I’ve been very impressed with the quality of the bands, as well as all of the accessories. The layered resistance bands are clearly high quality with bright vibrant colours and crisp clear silkscreened logos. The bands look great, and feel super durable.

Rubberbanditz 3

The door anchor includes a plastic piece makes it quick and easy to attach and detach the bands from the anchor, and it also helps with durability by not letting the bands get pulled into a tight knot that would end up putting unnecessary strain on the rubber.

Rubberbanditz 4

The carabiners are fantastic because there are no sharp teeth that might cut the bands, something I can’t say about other manufacturers that sell looped resistance bands with sharp-toothed carabiners on the handles. So kudos to Rubberbanditz for carefully selecting the best type of carabiners to use for this type of product.

Versatility & Value

Resistance bands are my personal favourite type of exercise equipment when it comes to versatility and affordability that offers maximum value. At around $70 to $115 (depending on the total amount of tension you need) for a set of bands, Rubberbanditz allow you to perform a catalog of hundreds of exercises that would normally cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars with free weights or exercise machines.

For people wanting to spend the absolute least amount of money on this type of a equipment, resistance tubing is still the best way to go because tubing costs half as much as looped resistance bands while still offering most of the same functionality. But many of the exercises that you can only use bands for are my favourite functional movements that are awkward or impossible to do with tubing, so for me it’s worth spending extra for looped resistance bands. And in the big picture, around $100 is still very little to spend on home exercise gear that can replace an entire gym full of equipment.


The most compelling alternative to Rubberbanditz is Body-Bands, which are just as high-quality as Rubberbanditz, and a bit less expensive. But where Body-Bands fall short is that they don’t currently sell a door anchor, which is absolutely a must-have accessory. The Rubberbanditz anchor is absolutely the best resistance band door anchor with the smartest design, so if you plan to use your bands at home, and need somewhere to anchor them, stick with Rubberbanditz.

As for other alternatives, they’re everywhere (Amazon, eBay, big box fitness equipment retailers, small online companies, etc), but none of them offer anything that’s not available from Rubberbanditz, and no one else offers the same high-quality band accessories. Also, most of them range from a lot more expensive, to absurdly more expensive than Rubberbanditz, so I can’t think of any logical reason to seriously consider any of those other options.

Final Thoughts

I consider elastic resistance must-have gear for anyone wanting to do effective home workouts without spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on equipment. If you’re on an extremely tight budget, you might be better off going with less expensive and slightly less versatile resistance tubing, but if you can afford to spend around $100 on the most versatile and functional piece of gear you can buy, then resistance bands are the best home exercise equipment purchase you can make.

Over the years, I’ve used countless different brands of resistance bands, and I can say unequivocally that Rubberbanditz are the real deal. The quality of the bands themselves is as high as anything else on the market, the accessories are significantly better (in both design and quality), and the price is right around the lowest you’ll find anywhere, making Rubberbanditz the easy choice if you’re looking for the best brand of continuously looped resistance bands.

Check out the Rubberbanditz website for more info or to purchase Rubberbanditz.