Stroops Fit Stik Pro Review

The Stroops Fit Stik Pro is fitness training bar attachment that is designed to be used with elastic resistance such as bands and tubing. The bar can be used for traditional pushing and pulling exercises that mimic the same types of movements can be performed with a barbell, but where the Fit Stik Pro really shines is with a style of exercise known as asymmetrical bar training, which is where you only attach resistance to one end of the bar, allowing you to perform a variety of new functional exercises that focus on rotational and anti-rotational movements.

Stroops Fit Stik Pro 1

What’s Included

The box contained just Fit Stik Pro and nothing else — no information at all on what you’re supposed to do with it. Although it would have been nice if Stroops included some basic instructions and guidelines on the dos and don’ts of using the product safely and effectively, all that info is available on the Stroops YouTube channel, so I didn’t find it to be that big of a deal that they left it out of the box. Here’s an instructional video from Stroops on how to set up and use the Fit Stik Pro:

Design & Build Quality

The design of the Fit Stik Pro very basic with just three features to point out. The bar is 43″ long and made of aluminium; there are large rubber grips covering most of the aluminium bar; and there are swivelling eye bolts on both ends. It’s a common type of product available from many different manufacturers. From company to company, the only thing that seems to change is the length of the bar, and the size of the grips. The dimensions of the Fit Stik Pro seem perfect for the type of asymmetrically loaded rotational exercises this product was designed for, so I have zero complaints about the design.

Stroops Fit Stik Pro 2

Overall, I’ve been satisfied with the quality of the Fit Stik Pro, but I wouldn’t say I’m thrilled. There was a cheap looking Stroops sticker applied so crookedly to the middle of the bar that the very first thing I did after I unpacked it was removed the sticker. Upon pealing off the sticker, the very next thing I noticed about the bar was a relatively small but still disappointing ding out of the aluminium. That was the first two minutes of my experience with this product. Not a great first impression.

Stroops Fit Stik Pro 3

But besides the minor aesthetic problems that seem to have slipped past quality control, I’ve otherwise been very impressed with the Fit Stik Pro. The aluminium is lightweight and feels very sturdy; the rubber grips feel extremely high quality, and the swivelling eye bolts turn really smoothly and feel great. It was the grips that I was most paranoid about being disappointed with. I was concerned the grips were going to be made of out cheap spongey foam, but they’re actually made of a really nice and durable feeling rubber. I’m really impressed and happy with the material they used for the grips.

Stroops Fit Stik Pro 4

Versatility & Value

The Fit Stik Pro offers tremendous versatility and value. Combining a Fit Stik Pro with a set of resistance bands or tubing will nearly double the amount of exercises that you can perform with your elastic resistance. So it’s a great way to keep your home workouts new and interesting by adding a variety of new rotational exercises that are either difficult or impossible to perform without a specialised piece of equipment like this.

And besides all the new exercises you can perform with the Fit Stik Pro, you can also use it to add a fresh take on all the traditional exercises that you’re used to doing with resistance bands. Just about any exercise that can be performed using resistance bands with handles can also be performed by swapping out the handles and using the Fit Stick Pro, but the asymmetrical bar version of the exercises will challenge your core in ways that aren’t possible using standard resistance bands with handles.

So there’s a lot of value to be gained from picking up a relatively inexpensive piece of gear like this. It allows you to perform hundreds of unique exercises, many of which are totally unique to this piece of equipment, and the Fit Stik Pro is one of the absolute best ways to train rotational movements in the transverse plane, which is a style of training that tends to be very awkward using most other types of equipment.


The two main alternatives in this product category are the TRX Rip Trainer, and the Gray Cook Cable Bar (available in various sizes). Both are worth checking out if you’re not convinced that you want to go with the Stroops Fit Stik Pro, and are interested in looking at some comparable products before you make a decision.

The TRX Rip Trainer is the most expensive product in this category ($190), but it’s also the only product that includes comprehensive workout programming, with detailed instructions on how to safely and effectively perform a variety of asymmetrical bar training exercises. If you’re really new to this style of exercise, and not exactly sure how to use a piece of equipment like this, then you might want to consider going with the TRX Rip Trainer.

The Gray Cook Cable Bar is priced in the mid- to upper-end of this category ($130 to $170). It includes an instructional DVD, but it’s not a complete workout like you get with the Rip Trainer. The Gray Cook DVD is a pretty dry instructional video geared towards fitness professionals using the bar with a cable machine for corrective exercise, and it will be of little to no use to the average person who just wants to have effective home workouts using asymmetrically loaded elastic resistance.

Final Thoughts

The only negatives to mention are the aesthetic quality of the product, where the Stroops sticker looked like it was applied by a blind person, and my brand new bar arrived with a ding out of the aluminium, but but those are minor annoyances. The main features of the product (the overall quality of the aluminium bar, the rubber handles, and the swivelling eye bolts) are all very good, so I have no major complaints about the quality with respect the most important aspects of the product.

I picked up the Fit Stik Pro because I’m very passionate about asymmetrical bar training, and I wanted a bar that could easily be used with the resistance bands and tubing that I already own, and didn’t require that I pay extra for bands that I don’t need. The Fit Stik Pro didn’t require me to pay extra for components that I don’t want or need, and has worked perfectly with my existing bands and tubing, so overall I am very pleased with the purchase.

Check out the Stroops website for more info or to purchase the Stroops Fit Stik Pro.