TRX Suspension Trainer Review

The TRX Suspension Trainer is a bodyweight exercise tool primarily made up of of inelastic straps that you attach to a fixed anchor point. The straps have handles with integrated foot cradles allowing you to perform hundreds of functional resistance training exercises that can be quickly and easily adjusted to suit any level of fitness.

TRX Suspension Trainer 1

Although TRX currently sells four models of suspension trainers (Go, Home, Pro, and Tactical), all four models offer the exact same functionality, and the differences between them are very relatively minor, so for this review I’m going to write about the TRX Suspension Trainer in general, and mention the differences between models when necessary.

What’s Included

All four models of TRX Suspension Trainer include the main TRX straps, a door anchor, a suspension anchor (the primary anchoring strap used to attach the TRX to most horizontal and vertical anchoring points), and a storage/travel bag. The Pro and Tactical versions include a third anchoring option called the TRX Xtender, which is used to attach the TRX to high horizontal anchor points or thick vertical anchor points. The Xtender is not included with the Go and Home models.

All four models come bundled with detailed instructions on set up and use, they all include at least a couple printable and/or video workouts, and there’s a lot more TRX workout programming available on the TRX YouTube channel. Here’s an instructional video from TRX on how to set up and use the TRX Suspension Trainer:

The TRX Tactical Suspension Trainer is the only version that includes access to the outstanding TRX FORCE app, which can be purchased separately for $40 if you decide to go with a different model of TRX but still want access to the FORCE app.

Design & Build Quality

On the surface, the design of the TRX Suspension Trainer might seem simple, but it’s actually a very ingeniously designed product that’s been continuously refined over many iterations since TRX released the original version back in 2004. Most of the TRX Suspension Trainer’s best features are patented and unavailable on competing products from other manufacturers, meaning that in every single case, the cheaper alternatives are significantly more awkward and time consuming to set up, adjust, and use.

TRX Suspension Trainer 2

The main features of the TRX that set it apart from other suspension systems include the strap adjustment mechanism (providing super-fast adjustment and the best durability on the market), the equalizer and locking loops (offering controlled instability translating to a more effective core workout), the anchoring options (making set up a breeze, and giving you for more options on where you can anchor the TRX), and the handles with integrated foot cradles (making it ultra-fast to switch between exercises).

TRX Suspension Trainer 3

Design and build quality is another area where all four models of the TRX Suspension Trainer shine. The Go and Home models use foam grips instead of the commercial-grade rubber on the Pro and Tactical models, and there are a few of other differences separating the entry- and mid-level TRXs from the premium models (notably strap width and carabiner type), but the overall quality of the TRX is extremely high on all four models.

TRX Suspension Trainer 4

I can usually find something to nitpick about on just about any product, but I can’t come up with single complaint about the quality and craftsmanship of the TRX. The saying “you get what you pay for” really rings true when it comes to the TRX Suspension Trainer. There are cheaper alternatives out here, but if you want the best product with the highest quality materials and the finest craftsmanship, then the TRX is the simple choice.

Versatility & Value

The TRX Suspension Trainer is one of the most versatile pieces of exercise equipment you can possibly buy, allowing for hundreds of functional exercises that can easily be scaled so that everyone from complete beginners to elite athletes can have challenging and effective workouts anytime, anywhere. Resistance bands are another product that offers tremendous versatility at a very low cost. No other products come close to bands and straps when it comes to maximum versatility without breaking the bank.

TRX Suspension Trainer 5

The TRX is one of the beset choices for someone wanting to start working out at home, but who currently doesn’t own a single piece of home exercise equipment, and doesn’t want to spend a fortune on a massive collection of different exercise gear. In that scenario, the best type of product to buy is a single piece of gear allows you to functionally exercise your entire body through all three planes of motion. The TRX Suspension Trainer is one of the few pieces of equipment that meets that criteria.

TRX Suspension Trainer 6

That’s just one example, but I chose it because I think the majority of people searching for TRX reviews online will fall into the category of being new to home exercise, and wanting the most versatile piece of equipment possible that isn’t prohibitively expensive. If that sounds like you, then I can tell you unequivocally that the TRX Suspension Trainer is the perfect tool to use for home workouts if only want to buy one piece of equipment, and you have no interest in building out an elaborate home gym.


One of the best things about the TRX Suspension Trainer is that it’s available in four different models ranging from $130 for the entry-level Go model, up to $250 for the premium Pro and Tactical models. So whether you’re looking for a budget suspension trainer for personal use, or a commercial-grade suspension trainer designed to stand up to high volume use with clients, or your needs fall somewhere in between those two scenarios, TRX has you covered.

With that being said, for the purpose of completeness for readers who want to thoroughly research any and all alternatives before making a purchase decision, I wrote a separate article covering all of the best TRX Suspension Trainer alternatives.

Final Thoughts

I’ve being using the TRX Suspension Trainer since 2008 when I ordered 15 TRXs to use for a group fitness program that I was running at the time. So I’ve been using the TRX for nearly a decade, and during that time I’ve also been able to evaluate just about every competing product on the market, and I can tell you without any shadow of a doubt the TRX really is head and shoulders above anything else that’s available. The TRX is superior in every way, and the other products don’t even come close.

So if you’re looking for the best suspension trainer, the answer is the TRX — you just need to figure out which model you want to buy: Go, Home, Pro, or Tactical. For personal use, the Home system will be the way to go, but if you’re particularly budget-contrained, then the Go system offers the same TRX design and quality at a really attractive entry-level price point. The Pro and Tactical models are commercial- and military-grade, and well worth the price if you want the best and most durable TRX available.

Check out the TRX website for more info or to purchase the TRX Suspension Trainer.